COVID Plans 2021

More Information Regarding COVID Considerations and Arrival Procedures

Important Pre-Camp Dates and Deadlines

June 1 – Deadline for pre-camp paperwork. If you haven’t already, please complete and send in a Pre-Camp Form, Health History Form, and COVID-19 Waiver as soon as possible. These can be found on our “Camp Forms” page linked here.

June 13 – Begin filling out the Pre-Screening Questionnaire, found here (First Term/Full Season).

June 20 – Begin one-week self quarantine (First Term/Full Season).

June 21-23 – Campers must take a Molecular (PCR) COVID test on one of these days (First Term/Full Season).

June 27 – Opening day for First Term.

July 4 – Begin filling out the Pre-Screening Questionnaire, found here (Second Term).

July 11 – Begin one-week self quarantine (Second Term)

July 12-14 – Campers must take a Molecular (PCR) COVID test on one of these days (Second Term).

July 18 – Opening day for Second Term.

Information about Pre-Camp Testing

Before arriving at camp, all campers must get a Molecular (or PCR) COVID Test on either the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before arrival, ensuring that you receive a negative result before Sunday. Many companies including CVS and Walgreens provide these tests at little or no cost. For help locating one of these tests, please reference the website linked here. In addition, Lucira is a company who offers hassle-free COVID testing including delivery to your house and all testing materials for $55 per test. More information about this option can be found here, and to order this test, click here.

Please bring proof of your camper’s negative COVID test result with you to camp on opening day. Your camper will not be allowed to enter Camp Greenbrier without proper documentation of the test’s date and accompanying negative result.

Information about Pre-Camp COVID Procedures

In order to maintain the health and safety of all campers and staff, we are asking everyone to take steps toward ensuring that they arrive at camp COVID free. For 14 days leading up to opening day, we ask that you fill out this Pre-Screening Questionnaire (linked here).

We also ask that you encourage your camper to self-quarantine to the greatest extent possible for the week leading up to camp. At the very least, campers should avoid large, unmasked crowds or other high risk situations (parties, etc.).

Opening Day and Arrival

In order to facilitate opening day COVID screening and testing, we have updated our arrival procedures. We will be having designated 1-hour time slots during which you should schedule your arrival to camp. Please fill out the following Google Form (linked here) to rank your top 3 preferences for arrival times, as well as to provide us with some information about your child’s vaccination status. Although the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children over 12 years of age, we are not making this a requirement to attend camp. However, we strongly encourage you to get your child vaccinated if you are able, as having more people vaccinated at camp can help minimize the risk of illness for the entire Camp Greenbrier community.

What to Do When You Arrive at Camp: Screening, Testing, and Medication Drop Off

Upon arrival, you and your camper will follow on site instructions for checking in, COVID rapid-testing, and dropping of medications with the medical staff in drive-through fashion. As stated in the Pre-Camp Booklet, please have all medications along with detailed instructions in a large Ziploc bag with the camper’s Last Name, First Name on the outside.

We are asking all parents to stay in their cars at all times while in camp in order to minimize interactions with the staff. Counselors and other staff will be available to help your son unload and answer any questions that you may have.

COVID During Camp

If your camper shows symptoms of COVID during camp and the medical staff sees fit, they may be quarantined and tested. If COVID is suspected, a camper’s tentmates and known close contacts may also be brought to the Infirmary and evaluated to determine if testing is needed, and will wear masks until results from any outstanding tests are obtained. Once a camper’s test comes back negative, they will be allowed back into the camp population once they’re deemed healthy. If a camper tests positive, they must have someone pick them up as soon as possible, at most within 48 hours (72 hours if international).

Closing Day and Camp Pickup

You will receive an email following the start of term with more information on pickup procedures at the end of term. That information will also be added to this page at that time.

Additional Questions

All of the information about Camp Greenbrier’s COVID Procedures can be found on this page or in the 2021 Pre-Camp Booklet (linked here). If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the camp office.

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